About the generator

This page gives general information about this project and random codes in general.

About the generator

Over the years we have developed many websites which relied on unique codes for authentication, either for unique usernames or for automatically generated passwords. We have also developed a range of validation checks for contact and registration forms, which are used on many websites.

Both the code generator and validation scripts have proven to be very useful. This website enables you to use the same scripts for your own purposes.

True Random vs. Pseudo Random

"There are two principal methods used to generate random numbers. One measures some physical phenomenon that is expected to be random and then compensates for possible biases in the measurement process. The other uses computational algorithms that produce long sequences of apparently random results, which are in fact completely determined by a shorter initial value, known as a seed or key. The latter type are often called pseudorandom number generators."

"A "random number generator" based solely on deterministic computation cannot be regarded as a "true" random number generator, since its output is inherently predictable. John von Neumann famously said "Anyone who uses arithmetic methods to produce random numbers is in a state of sin." How to distinguish a "true" random number from the output of a pseudo-random number generator is a very difficult problem. However, carefully chosen pseudo-random number generators can be used instead of true random numbers in many applications. Rigorous statistical analysis of the output is often needed to have confidence in the algorithm."

This text is taken from the Wikipedia article Random number generation.
If you need true random numbers, please visit Random.org or HotBits


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