• New feature: Realtime Code preview


    We added a cool and very useful feature today: Code preview. While setting up to generate new codes, you will see 10 preview codes generated using your settings. The preview codes are updated in realtime.

    How nice is that? You will immediately see if the settings you selected will actually generate the codes you want :)

  • .TXT (plain text) output now available for your codes!


    We have added .TXT to the output options, because well... sometimes it's nice to have it as plain and simple as it gets. Enjoy!

  • Bigger Better Faster Stronger!


    Since yesterday, the limits of the Random Code Generator have been altered.... in your favor! You can now generate batches of up to 1000 codes for FREE without an account. Logged in to a Random Code Generator account, the limit has gone up from 100.000 to 250.000 codes per batch!

    What are you waiting for? Start generating!

    With these changes in place, it's now even more easy to generate large amounts of random codes to use as serial numbers, giftcard/voucher codes, strong passwords, codes with a specific pattern, etc. etc.

    Good luck using the Random Code Generator!

  • Safety first - This website is on SSL!


    The Random Code Generator website is secured by an SSL certificate. Submitting your data while generating your codes or creating/updating your account is perfectly safe. The certificate is provided by Thawte and uses 256bits encryption to encrypt the data sent to us by you.

  • New website launched!


    Today we launched our brand new website. Besides the updated design, the website is now also completely responsive, which means it's optimized for all screen formats. We also added a few useful new features to make generating codes even easier than it was before!

    New features
    - Examples codes and pre-defined settings to help you determine the right settings
    - Send the generated codes to your e-mail address
    - Quick generate option on the homepage

    Please let us know if you have any questions or remarks about the new website. If you have any feature requests, please also don't hesitate to contact us.

  • New option (manual requests only): Exclude bad words


    From now, we are able to prevent "bad words" to occur in batches of codes that are manually generated by us. This option is not yet a feature of the online generator.

    Please contact us if you need this for your codes.

  • Added functionality: More pattern options!


    "a" for lowercase + digits
    Use the letter "a" to add a character in your code that consists of a lowercase letter OR digit.

    "A" for uppercase + digits
    Use the letter "a" to add a character in your code that consists of a uppercase letter OR digit.

    "?" for random character from all possible characters
    Use the symbol "?" to add a character in your code that is chosen from ALL possible characters.

    Try it yourself now!

  • Added functionality: Specify your own look-a-likes


    From now on it's possible to specify which characters you don't want to occur in the codes that are generated by The Random Code Generator. The standard look-a-likes are I, l, 1, |, 0 and O, but you can now also include characters like B, 8, Q etc. by adding them comma seperated to the field of look-a-likes.

    Try it yourself now!