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If you need up to 250,000 codes per batch, you can purchase a Random Code Generator account to generate an unlimited amount of batches of codes. Using the generator account smart, will allow you to generate millions of unique codes.

The Random Code Generator account

1st year subscription€ 99,00
Extension plansPrice
1 month extension€ 39,00
1 year extension€ 79,00
5 years extension€ 349,00

Custom amounts

If you need more than 250,000 codes, please put in a request through our quote form and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Below you find the general prices for certain amounts of codes. Please be aware that prices may be adjusted depending on the specifications of your needs (one or multiple batches, patterns, bad words exclusion, etc.).

Number of codes neededPrice
Buy a random code Generator account
250,001 codes up to 1,000,000 codes€ 199,00
1,000,001 codes up to 2,500,000 codes€ 299,00
2,500,001 codes up to 5,000,000 codes€ 399,00
5,001,000 codes up to 10,000,000 codes€ 499,00
> 10,000,001 codesRequest price