Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you store the generated codes?

    No. Each character for each code is generated at random at the time it is requested. We don't have a list of pre-generated codes from which the results are choosen, nor do we store the codes after they have been generated.

    It is not possible for us to recreate a specific result set, not even if you want us to.

  • How is the password strength calculated?

    There is no official system to measure the strength of a password. Please note that this tool does not utilize the typical "days-to-crack" approach for strength determination.

    The strength of a password is based on the length of the code and the number of different characters and charactersets used in the code. Bonus points are given for variation and points are deducted for repetitive characters. This tool is specifically designed to reward unpredictable codes.

    The result is a percentage for each code, where 0% indicates a very weak code and 100% indicates a very strong code.

    The result is a percentage for each code.
    0% - 20% = Very weak
    20% - 40% = Weak
    40% - 60% = Good
    60% - 80% = Strong
    80% - 100% = Very strong

    The used formulas are a direct implementation of the formulas developed by

  • What is the maximum amount of codes I can validate?

    The maximum amount of codes that can be validated in one result set is 10.000, which should be enough for most purposes. If you need to validate more codes, you can run the tool again.

  • What is the maximum length for a code to validate?

    The maximum length for a single code is 100 positions.

  • There is an error in your validation!

    If you find any errors in the validation, please contact us and tell us what validation you were trying to perform, and which codes gave the wrong result. We will fix the error as soon as possible.

  • Can I use this tool to create fake creditcard numbers?

    No. This tool uses the same algorithm that the creditcard companies use to validate if a number is valid. This does not mean that a valid number is actually in use on a creditcard, nor does this enable anyone to use this number for (online) payments.

  • My country is not listed, how can I check my postal code / phone number?

    Only the countries are listed for which we know both the postal code format and phone number format. If you want your country listed, please contact us and tell us how the postal codes and phone numbers look in your country, and we will add it as soon as possible!

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