- Our brand new API and platform subscription!

It's finally here! As many of our customers have requested, we have developed a platform with an API that does not only allow you to generate random codes, but it also provides you with an API to check, validate and enrich the codes with your data. You handle the promotion, we handle the codes!


Generate unique random codes

Generate codes. Lots and lots of codes. All codes stored in your account are unique even across campaigns, so no more worrying about duplicates. You can still determine options like length, characterset, pattern, look-a-likes etc. as you are already used to from the online generator.


Use campaigns to divide your codes in multiple batches. Either for different promotions, or if you need different code patterns for different target groups.

You can create as many campaigns as you want.


No more storing hundreds, thousands or even millions of codes in your own database and developing the logic to check and validate them. Just generate the codes, export them (for instance to provide to the printing company) and have your developers do the checking and validating with our API. It's an easy to use REST API, so your developers should have no trouble connecting to it. Please contact us for documentation and examples.


This is what managament wants! Sleek graphics and usage statistics to show you exactly how efficient your campaign has been.


We are currently offering introduction prices!

Please check the website to see all available subscriptions.